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Work on the two-way interactive texting began by Alvin Butler Sr. in 2009 and resulted in the establishment of Text2Them, Inc. in 2013. The goal is to provide text messaging (SMS) solutions for the growing need to communicate effectively and efficiently. Text2Them has developed the only text messaging platform that allows a consumer to text to an organization and engage in a conversation. In addition, Text2Them performs all of the same functions of typical office voice phone systems, inclusive of the options of pre-programmed auto response, (i.e., press “0” for live operator).  The Text2Them system even transfers the text conversation to a different department or specific user. All completely done by text messaging! Imagine a company phone directory that give you the option of calling or texting any person or department. Text2Them finally makes it a reality.


Texting is quick, convenient, and confidential: three key factors in effective communication. Texting has been growing and a rate of 450% annually and yet businesses and government have not embraced it. We believe it is because they have not found a seamless or convenient way to achieve this. If they can text their friends and family, why can’t they text your organization?” Now they can!