Text2Them developed and patented its two-way texting software that will revolutionize how business and government agencies communicate with their customers. In 2008 texting surpassed voice as the preferred method of communication. So why is it that we can text each other but not a business? Despite texting being the preferred method, no one had developed a platform that allowed a person to text a company and have a two way conversation. 


The Text2Them technology links two commonly used methods of business texting, texting to a 5–6-digit shortcode and the second method of using Instant Messaging platforms to send email text messages, and merged the two together with our patented technology.


Some of the features on the Text2Them platform are the same features you would find on an office voice phone system, inclusive of pre-programmed auto response or live text operator.  The Text2Them system even transfers the text conversation to a different person or department within a company. All completely done by text messaging! Imagine a company phone directory that give you the option of calling or texting any person or department, Text2Them finally makes it a reality.