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Who is using Mobile Marketing to market their brands?.


Studies show, when it comes to doing business with companies, customers prefer texting and mobile communication over emails, phone calls and even social media. So stop old marketing techniques and start giving them what they want!

It's engaging
If you're like most consumers, you probably can't wait to read a text message when it arrives in your inbox. In fact, the majority of text messages are read within just a couple of minutes after receipt. Consumers have grown accustomed to their email inbox being flooded with spam and unwanted advertising. Furthermore, many consumers don't check their email inbox for new messages more than once or twice a day. SMS inboxes, by contract, are largely reserved for messages that demand to be read right now.

It's quick
Much of the appeal of SMS marketing is in its brevity, both for the advertiser and the consumer. Consumers are very likely to read entire messages, simply because they are so short. SMS messages can also be read at the consumer's convenience, so they aren't as intrusive as Web pop-ups or telephone calls.

It's cheap
Small business owners in particular can benefit from SMS marketing because it is affordable. Sending an SMS message is much cheaper than placing a full ad in front of a potential consumer. Considering the power of SMS marketing to directly target engaged consumers, it delivers a good value proposition for small business owners on a budget.

It's interactive
Planning an interactive SMS promotion is a good way to make your message fun and engaging, and there are plenty of ways to do it. Posing your message as part of a questionnaire or poll encourages your target audience to read more closely and become an active participant.

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Reasons to Try Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business                  By Brett Nuckles

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