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- Send and receive messages.

Online Users- See which Users/Employees are on line. Sorted by department


– Adding, deleting and editing your contacts (clients, employees, etc.)

  - Contact Group – Establish Groups such as “Clients”, “Employees”, etc. and place    contacts within these groups

  - Import Contacts - You can import your contacts from an Excel spreadsheet

Message Archive - Retrieve previous message conversations from all users

Shortcode/Keyword – Assigned shortcode and keywords. These are assigned by Text2Them

Admin Control Panel

Manage Users - Logon, log out, make active, inactive

Message Forwarding Settings - Allows forwarding of messages for email notification

System Autoresponder - Create auto response when keywords is used

System Autoresponder Logs

Department – Employee and user department classification

Campaign – (currently not in use to be defined in future release)

Global Carrier Lookup - Retrieve carriers for multiple contacts

IP Address – Control user’s ability to log in via specific computers by assigning IP addresses

User Login Logs – View employees/user login activity 

Two-way Text Communication Platform.

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  - Sending and receiving messages

  - Use our shortcode or yours

  - Transfer text conversation

   - Allow multiple users online

   - Archive conversation

   - Send and receive pictures & videos

   - Que messages for available employees

   - Upload contacts from Excel  

   - Instant Message (IM) conversations

   - IP Security

   - Manage users

   - Multiple Keyword management

   - Carrier Lookup