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​​​​In 2009, Alvin Butler Sr., founder of Text2Them Inc., opened a phone bill from AT&T and discovered that his two teenage daughters had sent over 15,000 text messages the previous month. “After I finished yelling, it dawned on me that if everyone is now texting, why is it that you cannot text to a company?” This was the idea that launched Text2Them. His company was founded to simply make it easy for customers to text your business and seamless for businesses to receive and respond to them. Data was already backing his notion that this was the way consumers were preferring to communicate. By creating a business friendly and cost effective text messaging system, Text2Them wanted to make texting to a business as easy as texting friends and family.

Text2Them’s two-way texting technology won The Most Disruptive Technology Award in August of 2014.  The competition included over 70 IT companies in an international contest on the AOL campus in Loudoun County, VA. According to Innovative Solutions Consortium, who put on the innovation challenge, “This award is for companies with technology that displaces an established technology and shakes up an industry or is a ground-breaking product that creates a new industry itself; as the Personal Computer (pc) replaced the typewriter and the way work is done in general and email transformed communication, largely displacing letter-writing and disrupting the postal and greeting card industries.”

                    Lt. Charles Manning with Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, who sat on the six-person judges panel called the idea a 

                    game changer. He oversaw the county’s 911-dispatch center for the last year and a half and said, “What you’re

                    proposing is an area we can improve upon. It’s in a good price point, it’s easy to implement and it’s forward

                    thinking.”                                                                                                                         Loudoun Business

In 2015 Text2Them, Inc. completed the development of its newest version of the Text2Them for government and businesses.  The most exciting feature on this Text2Them Enterprise Platform is the ability for your constituents or customers to initiate a 2-way text to your office or business.  Other features include the ability to send an auto response or transfer the text to a live operator.  You can transfer the text conversation to a different person or department within a company, and all of this is done with text messaging from your computer! Imagine a company phone directory that gives you the option of calling or texting any person or department, Text2Them finally makes it a reality.

Text2Them has partnered with Carahsoft Technology. They are one of the largest suppliers of software to the local, state and federal governments. Carahsoft employs over 500 employees and in 2014 generated over $400 million in sales. This partnership is instrumental in Text2Them’s placement on all government contract vehicles, inclusive of GSA, NASA SEWP and most other smaller contracts covering all 50 states.

On January 26, 2016 Text2Them received a utility Patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Patent #9,247,400 entitled SYSTEM FOR ROUTING TEXT MESSAGES (SMS) TO ALLOW FOR TWO-WAY MOBILE TO COMPUTER COMMUNICATION.

In June of 2016 Text2Them launched its Text2Them Small Business Platform. This is designed for use by small businesses and  small government agencies that do not have multiple departments or employees. This program is a marketing platform capable of performing basic texting needs such as texting, alerts, couponing, donations, loyalty programs, etc. to build companies customer databases.

Recent Harris Polls 64% of consumer prefer to text a company rather than call them. They further show that consumers have a more favorable perception of a company that offers the consumer an option to text to them. Now, with Text2Them, businesses can give their clients the communication method they prefer.