​$999/month Pre-pay annually
and Save 20%

Incoming messages

15000 Credits

20 Keywords


Mobile Marketing Platform Pricing - High Volume Plan

Free Incoming Messages                                    

​​Unlimited Contacts and Contact Groups      

Merge tags to Personalize Your Texts to Contacts

No Contracts, No Setup Fees

Unlimited Email & Phone Support

Secured Data and Daily Backups

Free Training/Resource Center

Mobile Landing Pages

​Kiosk Builder


All Plans Include the Following:

​$5999/month Pre-pay annually
and Save 20%

​Mobile Coupons                                   


Customer Loyalty Programs            

QR Code Generation

Send Birthday/Anniversary Remembrances

Auto Responses​

​Marketing Templates for Flyers and Table Tents

Schedule Tasks

​Social Integration with Facebook and Twitter

​Email Integration

Free Support

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Optional Features


​​$1599/month Pre-pay annually
and Save 20%

​$3099/month Pre-pay annually
and Save 20%

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​$499/month Pre-pay annually
and Save 20%

Text to Win / Contest           $10/month
Auto Listing                          $15/month
Real Estate Listing               $15/month
Appointment Reminder        $25/month

Mobile Websites                   $25/month
Text to Screen                      $25/month

​Managed Accounts               $50/month /1000 texts
(We manage your account for you)     

Incoming messages

2000000 Credits

300 Keywords


Incoming messages

30000 Credits

40 Keywords


Incoming messages

10000 Credits

150 Keywords


Incoming messages

50000 Credits

70 Keywords