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Text to Win / Contest           $10/month
Auto Listing                          $15/month
Real Estate Listing               $15/month
Appointment Reminder        $25/month

Mobile Websites                   $25/month
Text to Screen                      $25/month

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50000 Credits

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Mobile Marketing Platform Pricing - High Volume Plan

Incoming messages

30000 Credits

40 Keywords


Incoming messages

15000 Credits

20 Keywords


​$999/month Pre-pay annually
and Save 20%

Incoming messages

2000000 Credits

300 Keywords


​​$1599/month Pre-pay annually
and Save 20%

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​$499/month Pre-pay annually
and Save 20%

​$3099/month Pre-pay annually
and Save 20%

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​$5999/month Pre-pay annually
and Save 20%

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10000 Credits

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